Digital out of home and
Visibilty platform (coming soon)

Beyond just setting up an online store our fully managed promotions & marketplace services are poised to give your business an added edge in today's tech savvy virtual space. Get started exploring our set of tools spearheaded for those seeking immediate action .

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Take advantage of our professional teams & rich technical experience implementing e-commerce solutions for client on turnkey basis.

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Get your own web shop
in your business name

Ever fancied the idea of having your own web store to add an extra dimension to your offline selling channels. Apart from adding on to sales revenues, a web store serves as a 24X7 interaction hub for your business. A doorstep service for those looking to avail your services and products from the comfort of their homes . A well placed web store has the power to take your business inside your customer's home space

With vital utility for direct, channel or business sales, an enterprise with a well placed web store is bound to have an edge above competition in today's tech savvy world!

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Put life in your products
with our expert design
desk service

Online selling is all about visual appeal! So a perfectly crafted store with beautifully merchandised products is something which no web store owner can afford to overlook. Visitors spend time on your store only when they like what they see!.

Our service suites come packed with free design desk services to help you make your store look its worth. Our team of expert designers do up your store design, images & creatives to give your web store a professional front loved by visitors enticing them to come back for more & more!.

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Marketplace strategy
that yield results

In conjunction to selling via your own web store, marketplaces befitting your industry need to be duly piggybacked to achieve phenomenal success. With huge traffic of visitors on these sites the possibility of striking a sale is extremely high followed by possibility of enticing the visitor to make future purchases from your own site.

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Accept payments globally,
with payment gateway
of your own choice

Accepting payments on internet is more challenging than it looks, with myriads of factors like security, privacy and more to be considered before engaging a vendor makes this task a bit complicated. In addition striking the right deal in terms of transaction charges and payment options supported also needs special attention. We have done all necessary home work so our clients need not take the pain of traversing into an unknown terrain. Engaging our service suites give you the freedom of freely switching between multiple payment gateway vendors as and when need arises.

Digitalbranding suites

Digital branding activities undertaken by organizations on internet has brought about a sweeping change in way we perceive brands today! From social media, blogs to search engines & more, digital branding activity takes a lot of mettle, hardwork & planning to be a fruit bearing affair.

Not to be confused with digital advertising, digital branding is a much larger domain with lot of free & paid activities to be taken care of. More of planning, strategy and content than spending big money, building one's brand on internet requires consistent & relentless investment of time analyzing market perception about one's business. Digital suites by assert amp are pre configured service suites offered by big assert to its clients to easily manage their branding activities on internet. Read on to explore more about various aspects of digital branding & how our solutions can be helpful in shaping the right strategy for your business .

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Digitaladvertising suites

Digital advertising in today's tech savvy environment could be a rewarding proposition to consider for businesses looking to harness the power of internet in shaping their brand identity. Global trends over the past few years have signaled a remarkable shift in spend by corporate sector from offline media like newspapers, radio & television to internet.

One of the prime most advantage that has been instrumental in driving this change is the power of measure ability and granular access to information provided by digital advertising. As an enterprise you would always like to measure the success of campaigns you run & how effective they have been?, digital advertising makes this perfectly possible by implementing various processes that empower you to do so. Further dramatic increase in number of internet users and advent of myriads of mobility devices has made the phenomenon of digital advertising more vibrant. Feeling interested? Read on to discover more about our digital advertising offerings.

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Introducing Shipcentral

We take away all your shipping worries, so you
concentrate on sales!

Introducing ship central, a single window shipping solution for your business where our executives ensure your shipments reach your customers on time via the best means possible through our network of delivery vendors.

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Chat plugin and monitoring

Get chat implementation right into your website for instant user gratification when they visit your website. Answer questions instantly as they arise thus taking levels of customer engagements with your business brands to an all new level.

On demand agent services

For clients with high volumes of traffic & inability on part of in house teams to answer all requests, our select subscription plans come bundled with on demand chat agents who work on behalf of our clients answering queries in consultation with client at all times.


Analyze your competition to get critical insights into what they are selling, their site traffic, visitor profile etc. Our select service suite plans come bundled with competition analysis services whereby we work with clients to understand competition activity & how it could be translated into an opportunity to augment sales online.

Web analytics
for growth

Working with google Adwords or other channel require a deep research on keywords that should be used during the campaigns. Our team of advertising experts work in close consultation with the client to identify right keywords to make their campaigns successful. These keywords are constantly monitored & updated as and when needed.

Expert inputs for

In addition to do it yourself, our select service suites come bundled with knowledge pool services where a team of qualified professionals could periodically access competition activity , audit and comment on the performance of your project on web. These advises could be highly useful in plugging bottlenecks and issues if any.

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Digital out of home and
Visibilty platform (coming soon)

Beyond just setting up an online store our fully managed promotions & marketplace services are poised to give your business an added edge in today's tech savvy virtual space. Get started exploring our set of tools spearheaded for those seeking immediate action .