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      What is a qualified lead?
      A qualified lead is any prospective project either for a private corporate or government.

      Department in the domain of information technology / electronics & IOT / power / machinery & equipment.

      How to track status of my leads?
      You can track status of any of your leads at anytime by dropping an email to trackleads@bigassert.com.
      How do I get paid?
      You get paid up to 5% (of total invoice value before taxes) for every successful closure by our solution teams.

      A closure is considered successful when the lead key contact issues a purchase order along with required payments for the assignment. Your payouts will be processed only upon full & final settlement by the lead key contact as against the invoices submitted by us. All payouts would be subject to necessary deductions required by the law.

      What are surprise rewards?
      Surprise rewards are generally declared by way of a lucky draw on verified leads. A lead is considered verified
      if it is found to be worthy upon initial verification by the team. The surprise rewards are simply for motivational
      purpose and do not guarantee any fixed value proposition. Neither do it guarantee any confirmed reward for lead
      submission. The frequency of lucky draws are sporadic and are entirely dependent on internal management decisions